Croton Falls Community Church

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Meet the Staff

Our Staff, Trustees and Board Members

Pastor Timothy Wagner. Pastor Tim has been here for the past fifteen years. His dedication to his faith and to the church is a strength that we all benefit from.


Melissa Reiss, Christian Education

Melissa Reiss along with many others continue to guide our ever-growing and exciting Christian Education program.  Melissa's background in education, her spirit and endless enthusiasm make our Children's Prgram extra special!

Timothy Wagner, Pastor

Kris Smith, Organist

Dr. Mario & Heather Malvaosa, Contemporary Music Team

Carol Cucuzza, Treasurer

Barbara Calabrese, Church Clerk

Tom Leonard, Trustee

Cynthia Spoor, Trustee

Steve Delzio, Trustee

Barbara Miller, Deacon

Janice Finlay, Deacon

Sally Krauss, Deacon

Melissa Reiss, Deacon

George Hamawy, Deacon

Mary Leonard, Deacon

Barbara Cacciapaglia, Pastor Parish Relations

Beth Rybicki, Pastor Parish Relations

Kurt Spoor, Pastor Parish Relations

Melisa Reiss,Christian Education

Barbara Miller, Lector Coordinator

Marianne Frimano, Youth Server Coordinator

Publicity, Toni Boelson

Community Outreach, Beth Callan Rybicki

Flowers, Liz Priolo of Premier Designs Brewster, NY

Printing, Brad Schwartz of Excel Printing Carmel, NY

Feel free to come by and meet us!