Croton Falls Community Church

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A Message From Our Pastor


Message from our Pastor

       The Croton Falls Community Church is a special place for those who make this their church home.    As Pastor for the last 20 years I have learned so much from the members and friends of the congregation.    When I first came I was the new  “young pastor”, now I am no longer young or new, however I am energized by the breath, depth and talent of this community.   While many folks identify a church as the building located on such and such street, the church is really the people that make up the fellowship.   This church realized this in 1977 when the hundred year old landmark building burned to the ground.  Two years later the present church was constructed.   This building offers us the opportunity to carry out our work in a very flexible space.  From the magnificent Easter Garden with waterfall and streams to the Victorian Village with snowfalls at Christmas. Our Sanctuary is not only a creative worship space but the center of all our activities.  Fellowship Hall hosts many social events on the lower level.  The Parsonage next to the Church is over 120 years old and is used for many small social and educational activities as well as providing a home for the Pastor.   The annual English Christmas Tea takes place in the parlor rooms of the historic Parsonage.    Once again our facilities are used to meet the needs of our dynamic Church.  

       Through all of our activities there is the common thread of discovering Jesus Christ and making our faith alive and authentic for the issues that we are facing today.   We are mindful of the great history that the Christian Faith has, however, this faith needs to be meaningful for us today and allow us to express ourselves in ways that bring us closer to the message of Jesus Christ.    We are not a perfect community but one in which we strive for goodness and reconciliation in our daily living.   As a community of faith we lift up our joys and concerns with an active prayer life.  We challenge ourselves to study God’s holy Word and to take meaning from our worship services.

         It is a challenge to provide leadership in this time and age; however this faith community provides me the support and encouragement to be the Pastor of this wonderful church.

                                       Pastor Timothy Wagner

A special thank you to everyone who made the 20th Anniversary Service and Dinner a wonderful event.

Sunday Service 10:30am
All denominations welcome!
Super Cool Sunday School Program!
Kids love to come to church!!  And never want to leave!